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Beks World

Hi I’m Beks and welcome to my blog! Follow me along on this journey as I discuss different geographic topics!

Political Map #7

With me being born in 1999, the first president of my time was Bill Clinton. Clinton was able to beat out Dole in the presidential race of 1996. With majority of high electoral vote states ruling in Clintons favor, Dole was left defeated..

Political Map #6

In the most recent presidential race, Biden and Trump faced off it was seemed to be the most stressful election there ever was. After many scandals throughout this electoral counting process, Biden was able to secure the win with a vote of 303 to Trumps 235. Many swing states such as Michigan, Arizona and Georgia…

Political Map #5

In the race of 2016, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fought it out. Though it was a tough battle, Donald Trump came through and got the victory. With the results being 306 Trump to 232 Hillary, it was the southern states that helped Trump out. Though Clinton got major votes from California and New York…