Specifically Pacific

You’re probably wondering why I chose this title well, let me tell you why. You are just now discovering my blog and with this being my first post it’s only right to tie in the first ocean that was discovered. My name is Beks and I am 21 years old. I am a Geo Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Geography. My journey throughout college and trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do started out pretty rocky. I was initally a nursing major and was struggling to find the passion behind it. I was doing poorly in classes because I wasn’t studying because it wasn’t what I wanted to do but then one day I had a conversation with my oldest brother about his day at work and it lit a spark in me. That one conversation changed my entire life.

The world is such an interesting place. There is so many different places, people, things to do that just excite me. I have taken many Geography and GIS classes and doing mapping and remote sensing work just makes me happy. I also work at my university that I attend in the Geography and Geology department going out and testing well water levels and mapping water elevations and just being to go out and actually do field work makes me want to get up each day and do my job.

This blog will focus on many different geographic topics. Things such as weather and climate, mapping, human geography and more. I hope you all follow along on this journey with me in discovering Beks world!

3 thoughts on “Specifically Pacific

  1. Hey Beks! I used to be a nursing major too but I ended up switching for the same reasons as you. I agree; the world is such an interesting place and there are so many ways to explore it. I’m glad you were able to find your passion in life 🙂


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