NOVA Making North America: A Review

The documentary series Making North America describes the process of how North America the continent was created. The series which was hosted by Kirk Johnson was broken into three different parts: Origins, Life and Human. In this review I will be giving a brief description of each part along with an overall opinion.

Part 1: Origins

In part one, it was very interesting to learn about the formation of North America when it first formed as a continent. It is told that North America has gone through many natural phenomenons such as volcanoes, asteroids, which helped create landforms that we know of today. When looking at places such as the Grand Canyon, it shows the weathering and formation like shown in the video. Due to the movement of tectonic plates from earthquakes, helped form the divots in the Grand Canyon. It was really interesting to learn about the beginning of North America, knowing that there were so many event for billions of years.

Part 2: Life

In part 2 of the series, it introduces the beginning of life in North America. These living creatures were not humans, but they were different types of organisms and plants that still today help produce oxygen for us to live. These organisms not only bring life to us today, but if it weren’t for their existence from the ocean, there is a strong possibility that humans would not be in existence. The video takes us through a journey from beginning and end of the life that is currently on Earth. Taking us through the original organisms all the way to dinosaurs, and now here we are– Humans.

Part 3: Human

In the third video it explained how humans have evolved throughout North America. Over time humans started as hunter and gatherers then leading to people from Europe settling in North America. There were many inventions that were able to form over time, and began to form groups all around North America. The movement of tectonic plates has allowed us to migrate and get to know so many other people creating places like states within the United States. The tectonic plates will still move and we can learn from the video that it might change and turn into a mega continent.

Links to the videos are posted below:

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