Climate change doesn’t work like that

I enjoyed this blog. The writer has evidence to back up the fact that the CO2 concentrations are not something we can reverse but something we can try to cut down on.

...and Then There's Physics

A couple of years ago I wrote a post where I tried to explain why I thought climate change was a different kind of problem when compared to most of the other issues we might face today. I find it a tricky argument to make, because I don’t want to suggest that the other problems we face don’t matter, or that there aren’t consequences to not addressing them now, but the essential irreversibility of climate change does make it a somewhat unique issue.

I noticed that Jonathan Gilligan had highlighted a quote on Twitter, from Jody Freeman, that – I think – neatly summarised the point

You can put rules back in place that clean up the air and water. But climate change doesn’t work like that.

Yes, in many situations, if we were to implement processes to address our impact, then we can reverse that damage that’s…

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