Cascade Range

The Cascade Range is located in parts of Canada, Washington, Oregon and California. Stretching over 700 miles long the Cascade Range is known for its 18 volcanoes. With seven of them having volcanic activity in the last 200 years. The cascade Range was formed from the subduction volcanic plate boundary of Juan De Fuca, Explorer and the Gorda Plate.

The 18 volcanoes of the Cascade Ranges are: Silverthrone, Franklin Glacier, Meager, Cayley, Garibaldi, Baker, Glacier Pk., Rainier, St. Helens, Adams, Hood, Jefferson, Three Sisters, Newberry, Crater Lake, Medicine Lake, Shasta and Lassen. The most active volcano in the Cascade Range is St. Helens which had its most recent eruption in 1980 which was classified as a VEI 5. Mt. Rainier is one of the most well known volcanoes and is pictured above along with St. Helens.

The Cascade Range is important to North America because it has a huge impact on climate, agriculture, and economy in the Western part of the United States. These areas experience record rainfalls and snow and is also known as one of the snowiest places in the world.

Crater Lake is also part of the Cascade Range. This lake was made from a volcanic eruption and is about 1,943 feet deep. The water in the lake is from rain and snow and it is one of the cleanest lakes because of that. With all this being said, To learn more on Crater Lake you can watch this interesting Youtube video below!

11 thoughts on “Cascade Range

  1. I am unfamiliar with a volcanic rating system, is a VEI 5 bad? I have seen images of the Mount St Helens eruption but how does it compare to other eruptions like the recent Mt. Etna in Italy or Iceland eruptions?

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  2. My cousin visited Mt. Ranier in 1976 and also Mt. St. Helens among other amazing sites and locations and the photos were amazing. When the place blew its top (so to speak) I watched the reporting on it with interest and tried to follow along on some of the amazing research that has come out since re: changes that occurred from that event. I think we learned a lot from that event, tragic though it was.

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