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Political Map #3

In this 2008 election race, it was a blow out! The race between Obama and McCain had Obama winning 365 to 173. This presidential race showed that a majority of the Northern states voted blue and with the help of the west coast states and North and South Carolina along with Florida Obama was ableContinue reading “Political Map #3”


Altitudinal Zoning

Many may not know what altitudinal zonation is or why it is important to different areas of North America so I’m going to break it down for you! 🙂 What is altitudinal zoning and what is an example not in North America? Altitudinal zonation is when an area has many different elevations, like a mountainousContinue reading “Altitudinal Zoning”

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…..No its a drone!

Drones have become one of the cool new things when it comes to videography and taking aerial images. If you are not sure what a drone is, a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that does not have a pilot on board. In geography, drones are used to capture aerial images that can be usedContinue reading “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…..No its a drone!”

Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore wind farms have become the latest trend when it comes to renewable energy. Offshore wind is when the wind blows from land to sea. With the wind speeds being much higher than wind speeds that are on onshore, this creates more of a domestic energy source. Offshore wind speeds also have a steadier breezeContinue reading “Offshore Wind Farms”

Cascade Range

The Cascade Range is located in parts of Canada, Washington, Oregon and California. Stretching over 700 miles long the Cascade Range is known for its 18 volcanoes. With seven of them having volcanic activity in the last 200 years. The cascade Range was formed from the subduction volcanic plate boundary of Juan De Fuca, ExplorerContinue reading “Cascade Range”

NOVA Making North America: A Review

The documentary series Making North America describes the process of how North America the continent was created. The series which was hosted by Kirk Johnson was broken into three different parts: Origins, Life and Human. In this review I will be giving a brief description of each part along with an overall opinion. Part 1:Continue reading “NOVA Making North America: A Review”