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Political Map #5

In the race of 2016, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fought it out. Though it was a tough battle, Donald Trump came through and got the victory. With the results being 306 Trump to 232 Hillary, it was the southern states that helped Trump out. Though Clinton got major votes from California and New YorkContinue reading “Political Map #5”

Political Map #2

In this 2004 election race between Kerry and Bush, running for reelection, The ran was less of a close class this time around. With the final end result being Bush winning 286 to 251 with the help of major of the states going the Republican way. Though Kerry received votes from major electoral states likeContinue reading “Political Map #2”

Political Map #1

In this map series I will be discussing results of past elections from 1996-2020 In this map you can see the results of the 2000 election of Gore vs. Bush. The overall results of the election are Bush winning with a total of 271 electoral votes compared to Gore’s 266. States with a high electoralContinue reading “Political Map #1”